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I Transformed With Farrell's And So Can You

I have been in the Farrell's program for over a year. It has been the best thing I could have done for myself. Farrell's gives you the motivation and support that you need.   I had never worked out before but from day one the instructors pushed me past my comfort zone. The workouts still continue to challenge me and I absolutely love it. I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.  I have met many amazing people throughout my journey and developed many friendships.  Since I began Farrell's I have participated in multiple 5k races and I have completed several obstacle course races. I look forward to doing many more races as I continue to transform.  Pushing myself in class has given me the confidence in knowing I can do anything. I have built strength and endurance allowing me to be able to complete all of these obstacle and 5k races.
Farrell's  introduced  me to  a whole new way of  working out as well as how to manage my nutrition for a healthier  lifestyle. I discovered that it's not all that difficult to make these lifestyle changes and I have the will power to not want to go back to where I was physically before I started the program.  Nutrition was one of my largest obstacles. Within the first few weeks I had noticed that I was already needing smaller clothes.  This small change made me feel I was heading in the right direction and motivated me even more. 
The Farrell's program stands out above all other gyms. You are given the tools to a better lifestyle through daily exercise and nutrition. The nutrition isn't difficult to stick with. I think some people get scared when they hear the word "diet" and that's not what we do at all. You are incorporating real food choices and options to accommodate your lifestyle .  
The atmosphere in the gym when you walk through the doors is one of a complete judgement free zone.  No matter what fitness level they are at and no matter what body type they are, no one will  be singled out.  At one time or another,  every person that has gone through this program knows exactly what every new person is feeling.
They know what they have gone through to gather the nerve and motivation to start the program for the first time. Unlike other gyms out there, not one person is left alone, there is someone always there to help you out and always cheering you on. When your pushing yourself and you think you have nothing left, you may think that you can't go any further, someone will be  calling out your name giving you that push you to do a little more. That encouragement and your own self motivation will be what you need to get you to the finish line.         
 I absolutely recommend Farrell's. No matter what your current fitness level is ,  Farrell's will give you a good starting point and the tools you need to transform. The programs is simple and you will have fun, you will meet some amazing people. One of my favorite things to do is to tell my story and show others that if I can do it so can they. I want to encourage others to make positive changes in their lives. I decided to become a coach because I truly feel that my story will inspire others. I want others  to know that it's not too late to start on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

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Dan P. is a FIT Member and Coach at the Edgewood Location in Cedar Rapids, IA

* Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.


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