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Farrell's Taught Me How to Prioritize My Health

My Farrell's story began January, 2011. A co-worker invited me to join. I was eating out probably 2/3 of my meals, drinking a couple nights a week. I was not thinking twice about exercise, or long term health. I was planning to take a trip to Europe that following March, so I was very excited about starting this program. My plan was going to stick with it, including the nutrition.

When it was time for the initial testing, I could not do one sit up. Not one. I wasn't surprised. I wasn't raised to be mindful of health and fitness, and I took those 'values' into adulthood. I was a horrible example for my kids.
About halfway into the second week, I caught myself doing full sit ups. I couldn't believe how fast my strength was improving.

It was like a switch was flipped inside my brain. During my ten weeks I didn't deviate from the nutrition, not once. I saved it for my cheat day. I managed perfect attendance. I woke up at 4 something in the morning to go work out. I even remember there was a snowstorm and I was out shoveling at 3:30 am so I could make it to class!! I truly felt good about myself and what I was accomplishing.

The instructors and coaches were so awesome and encouraging! Fit members would take time from their workouts to help me with form. I quickly realized kickboxing was something I loved!

Then it happened. Week three, I tweaked my knee somehow, but kept going. By week 6, I was in some pain. I went to the doctor, and she ordered an MRI.  I had a fracture and I had to stop working out.

I still followed the nutrition and went to week 10 testing. I was still having really good results. I signed on as a FIT member then flew off to England.

I came back from vacation and returned to Farrell's for a while. However, I let my priorities change. For some reason I thought it was ok not to put me first in this one area of my life that is SO important, and effects EVERY other part of my life.

Fast forward to summer, 2015. I'd gained back all I lost, and then some. I was embarrassed to walk into Farrell's in basically the same place I had been, but I went anyway.

I was welcomed back to the Farrell's family with open arms. It was awesome to see many of the same instructors were still there!

I'd been having trouble with my Achilles and with so much excess weight on me, it wasn't getting better. I made it through the 10 weeks. I still had good results, but not the results I wanted. I got the results I worked for. I wasn't as focused on my nutrition the second time around , and I didn't have the same dedication with my attendance.

I took some time off to heal, and down the rabbit hole I went. I started eating better, and exercising again. But it wasn't enough. I missed Farrell's and everything about it. The group workouts, the motivation, the inspiration, and the accountability. I missed the  kickboxing!!

July, 2016, I rejoined Farrell's.  Every class, every day, I'm challenged to push myself harder and farther than I ever thought I could. I'm doing real burpees! I'm making lifelong friends with some of the people there. I did the Squaw Creek Army Challenge at the end of week 4. This is more than just a gym, more than just a class.

This is now a way of life for me. I'm setting a good example for my kids. My youngest is there with me, 5 of the 6 days a week, sneaking punches and kicks on empty bags, joining in ab circle every night. She can't wait until she is old enough to join!

I ended my 10 weeks with perfect attendance. My nutrition is on point, but I still enjoy my cheat day. I had awesome results!

In 10 weeks, I lost 27.6 pounds, 13.5 inches, 2.8% body fat. I ran 3:51 seconds faster on day 60 than day 1. I also increased my push ups by 22 and nearly doubled my sit ups.

I made a goal that I would get perfect attendance, and through all the obstacles , my car breaking down, the dog getting sick, my sister having major surgery, I achieved that goal!! No excuses!!!

This is only the beginning. I started as a fit member to continue my journey.

I love my Farrell's family and am so thankful they are here. It's changed my life,
improved my quality of life, and very likely has saved my life!

Katie is a FIT member at our Edgewood Road Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping Location in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Disclaimer: The above testimonial and photos were contributed by an actual member. We cannot guarantee everyone will achieve similar results. We do believe that everyone can achieve measurable results, but the specific results will vary from person to person.


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