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My Path to Health Began At Farrell's

Before I started Farrell's Extreme Bodyshaping my life had become very difficult. Simple every day things were challenges for me. I had a hard time going anywhere and when I did I was very slow and I felt as though I was holding the people back that were with me. Stairs were a nightmare, any time I dropped anything it was the same. I avoided stairs at all cost because it would take me several minutes to recoup and catch my breathe. Dressing was becoming difficult, showering, even getting in a car was becoming a chore. The harder it was the less I was willing to do it. I was in a vicious circle of despair. On top of all that , I would constantly preach to my kids the importance of exercise and nutrition. I didn't what them to become me. I was a hypocrite and that was the worst of it all. My kids wrestle, swim, and dive. They never miss practices, they work hard, compete hard, and here I was just telling them how to live. I should have been leading by example. After talking to a friend of mine who did the 10 week challenge and won the $1000 for his location, I found myself at the Edgewood Road Farrell's. It seemed like forever before I was able to talk myself out of the car. As I walked in, I was greeted by the manager Chris. This ended up being the greatest meeting I have had in my life. He assured me that I would be able to do the workouts.
To say the first few days of the sessions were rough is an understatement and my initial testing was horrendous! I had to go to the hospital to do my initial weigh in due to the fact the scales at Farrell's could not register my 461 pound body. Push-ups were few, sit ups were none. Then it was time for the mile and I was out of breathe just walking across the parking lot! Through all of this though, not once did I think maybe I am in the wrong place. The people around me, the coaches, the instructors, the fellow 10 weekers were all so encouraging.

Slowly through the course of the 10 weeks I managed to get stronger, smarter and the best yet of all -- healthier. I have gone from sitting and preaching to my kids the importance of exercise and nutrition to living life at my level 10! Every day tasks have gotten easier with each day. My kids see their Dad as a living example as opposed to a hypocrite sitting on his tail barking orders. I've learned a ton at Farrell's and I haven't even touched the tip of the iceberg yet. I am looking forward to bigger goals as I continue and living life the way I should... at level 10!

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Josh W. is a current FIT member  and $1000 10-Week Challenge Winner for the Spring Session at the Edgewood Road Location.

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